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6 Signs it's Time to Get a New Floor

December 1, 2014 by | David | There have been 0 comments

Whether you’ve stubbed your toe one too many times on unleveled wood floors or you’re unsure if it’s time to invest in new flooring, we’ve got the answer. Allow your friendly wood experts at Altrufir fill you in on some signs that it’s time to examine some new flooring options.

The puzzle pieces aren’t fitting. If your floor is starting to resemble an ill-fitting jigsaw puzzle, the wood has probably sustained water damage that has caused the surface to warp. This isn’t just an eyesore, but can also be a hazard as it’s easy to trip over the uneven terrain.

Your floor is unstylishly dated. Wear and tear is natural, but some substances show it more strongly than others. If you have vinyl, carpeting or composite flooring, for instance, it’s going to look outdated and worn down more quickly than wood.

It’s the sore thumb of your room. If you feel like your flooring is little more than a collection of scratches and stains, the visual appeal of your room goes down significantly. No matter how beautifully decorated your space is, unattractive flooring  is bound to hold you back from achieving a living room you can be proud of.

You’re ready for a big move. Are you ready to put your house on the market? One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is with new floors. The proof is in the numbers: According to National Wood Flooring Association, 82 percent of realtors surveyed reported that homes with hardwood flooring sold more quickly and for more money.

Styles are clashing. Perhaps you inherited your current flooring, or maybe you installed it when you first moved into your home. Regardless, it might not mesh with your current style. Floors  dictate the direction of a space, and if it doesn’t mesh well with your design preferences,  your floors will look strikingly incompatible.

You want an investment. Wood flooring isn’t just an visual asset, but is also an investment. Properly and responsibly harvested  material can last for decades and requires little maintenance to look beautiful. Wood is also flexible; you can stain it to align with your interior design.

For a wide range of new flooring options that will add perennial beauty to your home, you can rely on Altrufir. Explore our sustainable and stunning inventory today!

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