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Douglas Fir Trim Up!

May 10, 2012 by | Nicole | There have been 0 comments

Trim is to flooring and paneling as butter is to bread and biscuits. One without the other is plain and boring. Trim is the spice of life here at Altrufir, which is why we offer Douglas fir trim and molding options that go beyond the typical 1 x 2, 1 x 3, and 1 x 4 sizes. So if you’re looking for a specialty trim profile of the Douglas fir persuasion, start here.

CVG Douglas fir Trim | Altrufir Douglas Fir Flooring & Lumber

Douglas fir trim for stairs 

Need to replace a few faulty stair treads and landings on your stairwell? Or are you looking to dress up your home’s central staircase in Douglas fir CVG? Cool! There are many specialty trim options available in addition to the standard trim sizes – 6’ to 12’ increments of 25 linear feet. So, don’t let an odd riser size or unique landing-piece stand in your (stair)way – call on Altrufir to help.

Douglas fir trim for custom casework, windows, and doors

If you’re looking to restore the original casework in your home – living room open shelving or corridor cabinets – use Doug fir trim and molding. Graded on appearance, Douglas fir offers exquisite grain clarity which accentuates the integrity of all-natural finished casework, a bonus for homeowners wanting to maintain period homes.

And because Douglas fir is dimensionally stable, Doug fir trim is a favored and reliable choice for window and door casings. Around here we like to call Douglas fir the strongest softwood because it resists moisture and moisture-related maladies – it’s less likely to shrink, swell, and warp.

Opt for AltruFir’s specialty trim profile when you’re renovation includes building custom or semi-custom casework. Call us when you’ve got your design down – we can help measure material for the big project.

Douglas fir trim for cover-ups

Doug fir trim works wonders too on surface imperfections. If you can’t stand losing another coin to the crevice between the door and floor, cover it up with trim. The same holds true for visible joists or unsightly gaps throughout your home – they’re not going anywhere. Just jot down the sizes you need and we’ll help you with the rest (including overage).

A note on specialty orders

Specialty orders take additional time to process and fulfill – plan your project accordingly. If you’re also in the market for flooring, paneling, or standard size trim, save on the cost of shipping by ordering all your materials at the same time. Not only will your wallet thank you, but you can recoup project time.

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