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Enjoy a Staycation with New Porch Decking

November 10, 2014 by | David | There have been 0 comments

As your calendar quickly fills up with various travel plans and obligations, fall can feel far from relaxing. Take a page from the AltruFir team’s book and get the R&R you deserve… Right from the comfort of your own home!

Give yourself a vacation destination that requires no travel time by enhancing your home with a new deck. When crafted carefully and properly maintained, this is a space that will provide memories for this summer and many more to come.

It’s important to select the right deck material, and Douglas Fir is an ideal choice for any homeowner. It is resilient and beautiful, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal. The wood features a tight grain, and our material is always tongue-and-grooved, kiln-dried, and precision milled. This ensures that your decking will be a permanent fixture in on your property, offering strength and longevity that other decking materials simply can’t match.

The beauty of Douglas Fir is its versatility. With the right application and staining, it can match the style of any home. Because it seamlessly meshes with the rest of your property, you can always rest assured that your newest addition won’t look incongruous alongside your house.. Whether you’re building a cozy porch or an expansive wrap around, with the right materials and vision anything is possible

A beautifully constructed back porch deck inspires memorable gatherings, outdoor fun, and the quintessential summertime relaxation. It’s the perfect location for barbecues with friends an afternoon of tranquil reading in the evening warmth. It’s a space to enjoy the sun and to soak up the warm weather. Enjoy a restorative staycation, and let Altrufir provide you with the tools to create the perfect destination!


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