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Food-Safe Flooring: How to Use Douglas Fir Flooring in the Dining Room

October 30, 2014 by | David | There have been 0 comments

Whether you have youngsters who turn mealtimes into a food fight or simply want the peace of mind that a spilled dish won’t inflict permanent damage on your flooring, then you’re in luck. AltruFir is proud to offer dining room flooring tips that will keep your floors looking beautiful… No matter what food and drink mishaps might come their way!

Choose Material That Can Stand Up to the Task
Clear vertical grain (CVG) Douglas Fir flooring is a wise choice for high-traffic and vulnerable areas, as it is resistant to spills and doesn’t absorb liquid as readily as flat or mixed grain alternatives. Thanks to its durability, it can handle spills and provide for a long lasting flooring option, especially for kitchens and dining rooms.

Clean Smart
Spills aren’t the end of the world, but they should be cleaned quickly in order to avoid staining. Sweep up the mess, and eliminate any liquid residue with a slightly damp cloth. Don’t fight the spill with lots of water as it will only exacerbate the issue.

Make Your Flooring Spill-Resistant With Sealant
Sealant offers an effective way to keep your flooring safe when those inevitable food mishaps occur. Water or oil based finish can provide you with security and aesthetic appeal, as it improves durability and creates a distinctive sheen that offers your flooring a polished appearance.

It’s time to give your Douglas Fir flooring credit where credit is due. Your flooring is one of the main assets in your home that is not only used daily, but also brings character and charm to any room. Replacing wooden floors can be costly, so chose good materials to start with and use sealants to protect them. At AltruFir, we believe that homeowners can have the best of both worlds: Beauty and functionality. Give your dining room the aesthetic appeal it deserves with food-safe Douglas Fir flooring!


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