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The Heart of the Home: How to Use Douglas Fir Flooring in the Living Room

May 7, 2014 by | David | There have been 0 comments

The living room unites the family. It’s where you curl up with a good book, where you catch up and chat, and where you relax in the evenings. It is the heart of the home, and nothing brings warmth to this space quite like Douglas fir flooringAltrufir offers valuable tips to add comfort, functionality, and timeless beauty to your living room:

Merge traditional appeal and modern aesthetics with Douglas Fir flooring. The beauty of wood as a material is its versatility. Are you going for an antique-inspired, classic look? A deep stain will add warmth to your living room flooring, complementing the space and generating a radiant charm. If you prefer a modern, clean look, then a light colored finish will add smooth simplicity to your living room. The possibilities are endless. You just have to decide which decorative direction you wish to take.

Make a dramatic statement with wide plank flooring. There’s something about wide plank flooring that hails back to a bygone era. It instantly gives warmth to a living room and exudes a farmhouse, cabin character into any home.

Be one-of-a-kind with reclaimed flooring. Recycled from old industrial projects throughout the Northwest, no plank is quite like the other, which is why the wood is so stunning. Give your living room a distinctive personality with reclaimed flooring. No other material offers time-honored qualities while promising a look that will always be in style.

Altrufir is proud to offer customers the finest selection of Douglas Fir flooring that will transform your living room into the true heart of the house. Get in touch with us today to bring your vision to life!




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