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Wood Flooring vs. Imposters: Why Go with the Real Thing

November 17, 2014 by | David | There have been 0 comments

Every homeowner reaches that inevitable fork in the road: Will they go for the “quick fix,” or will they make that long-term investment? Because many of our customers at Altrufir are faced with this dilemma when undergoing a home renovation project, we have put together a few factors that might make your flooring decisions a bit easier.
Wood flooring lasts. Thanks to the tight grain of CVG boards, reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring is resistant to scratches and nicks. A quick refinishing job makes it look just like the day it was installed even decades later. Synthetic flooring simply can’t offer that kind of longevity because it can’t be refinished, and the outer layer is susceptible to uneven wear and tear. Synthetics unfortunately require replacement after about a decade,. Simply put: replacing hardwood floors is rarely something that you’ll spend your summer on after you invest in the initial installation. Because of this, wood flooring almost always boosts the resale value of homes.

Ease of Repair
Flooring is an investment, so, it’s reasonable to expect it to uphold its visual appeal for years to come. But not all materials are created equal. Laminate or composite floors, for example, are notoriously difficult to repair. Cracks and stains typically necessitate replacement, which is costly and unattractive. One of the many benefits of wood flooring is the ease of repair. Sanding or refinishing are both straightforward processes and virtually always provide that picture-perfect solution.

When you walk on a laminate floor, every footstep results in irritating creaks and groans which give away its synthetic nature. The texture and appearance also fail to deliver tell-tale wood qualities.

Before you dive into your next flooring installation project, consider the long term benefits of beautiful FSC Douglas Fir Flooring. With many sustainable options to choose from such as our wide plank Douglas Fir flooring or our reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring, you’re sure to find the right match for your home.

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