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    3 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring (3'-5' Lengths)

    3 1/8" C&Btr VG Douglas Fir T&G 3'-5' lengths (looser grain)
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    Special Price: $3.95/ Square Foot

    This is a great price for Doug Fir flooring. Boards are a C&Btr clear vertical grain Douglas Fir in 3', 4', & 5' lengths. This flooring is a looser grain than our Standard tight grain CVG Doug Fir available in longer lengths. Take advantage of this deal while you can! Material is subject to availability so please call for current availability.

    200SF minimum order  For orders less than 200SF please call 1-877-372-9663

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    5 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring (3' - 10'+ Lengths)

    5 1/8" CVG Douglas Fir Flooring
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    $8.85/ Square Foot
    It's hard to beat the price on this 5 1/8" CVG fir flooring.
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    3 1/8" Paneling with V-groove -- Standard VG

    3 1/8" Vertical Grain V-Groove Paneling
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    $8.55/ Square Foot
    3 1/8" Douglas Fir Bead Board from standard vertical grain material. Flip it and it's bead board paneling. Two products for the price of one!
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    3 1/8" Bead Board Paneling shorts 3'-5'-- CMG

    3 1/8" Mix Grain Bead Board
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    $4.25/ Square Foot
    3 1/8" Douglas Fir Bead Board is a popular product for ceiling and wall paneling. And it's reversible! Flip our 3 1/8" bead board over and it becomes v-groove with a center v-groove paneling! The lengths available are 3'-5' random length. Minimum order of 250SF is required. This product is subject to availability so please give us a call to order.
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    Reclaimed 6 1/2" Fir Flooring Mixed Grain (2'-10' Lengths)

    Reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring (stained)
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    $9.95/ Square Foot

    AltruFir's Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring is perfect for the project where you want the old look made from the old stuff.  We produce this floor from antique Douglas Fir beams reclaimed from large industrial projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We offer both CVG and mixed grain.  For CVG pricing, please call us.  

    Character includes nail holes, bolt holes, knots (loose sound and star checked), bug holes, checking, staining and oxidation marks. Some boards may include larger knots that will need to be trimmed out on site. Glued in knots, additional trimming, specified or longer lengths available upon request. Please call.